Do you need to pause your Twitter advertising campaigns?

Multiple reports suggest that many brands are reviewing their Twitter marketing strategy in light of Elon Musk’s takeover of the app. This has seen him reduce staff and focus on free speech.

It will depend on your perspective on what this means for your business. However, based on recent changes at Twitter, it is worth considering where your company stands on Twitter ads and the potential risks associated with promoted tweets. Should Your Twitter Ad Campaigns be Paused? Take a Look at the Latest Concern Regarding the App. Keep reading to have more insight.

Twitter has reinstated previously banned accounts

Elon Musk is currently overseeing the reinstatement of more than 62k Twitter accounts that were suspended in violation of Twitter’s rules.

Many online safety experts have expressed concern about this approach, considering that users have been previously found to have shared misinformation, engaged in harassment and abuse, ran scams, and so on. Musk says that while the users have not broken any laws, Musk points out that there are many profiles with considerable influence that could be tweeting again soon.

Platformer reports one account has more than 5 million followers and 75 have over a million.

That’s a lot of influence. Musk has also restored the accounts of Donald Trump and Jordan Petersen, The Babylon Bee, and other people who were previously banned from the app due to violations of its rules.

This could cause a decrease in engagement, which could impact the user experience. Ad placement within the app may be more concerning.

Twitter has dropped its COVID misinformation policies

Due to the widespread roll-out COVID vaccine, the pandemic has become a lower priority. Twitter has now stopped enforcing the COVID-19 Misleading Information Policy. This policy had seen Twitter add warning labels to some tweets and suspend repeat offenders’ accounts for incorrect or misleading information.

Although the impact of this policy will vary, it is important to note that Twitter took out more than 23k tweets and suspended more accounts between January and September.

As you can see, activity dropped significantly in September when only 602 tweets total were deleted.

It is worth noting that Elon took control of Twitter in October. Based on these numbers, such removals had fallen significantly before then. Therefore, the decision to reduce its COVID misinformation policy might not be directly related to Musk’s takeover.

It is an additional element to be considered, and with COVID case numbers surging once more, Twitter might have waited a bit longer before removing it.

Twitter’s New $8 Verification Program will be available soon

Musk’s first major initiative, which allows users to spend $8 per month to obtain a blue verification mark is set for return as soon as this week with some new tweaks that make it more brand-safe by offering extra protection against impersonation.

The updated system will include alternate color checkmarks that can be used by brands, individuals, and government agencies.

This will solve the initial problems of the scheme.

One of the problems with the initial rollout was that many users used the opportunity to scam others by buying checkmarks and pretending to represent celebrities.

This caused a lot of confusion. While Twitter claims that impersonations are very rare’ it is clear that there will be some adjustments as users who don’t follow every announcement and news update try to figure out what these new colored ticks really mean.

Twitter is introducing new measures to prevent impersonation, as users can now buy a blue tick. We won’t be able to see the full impact of this new feature until it is fully launched. Musk also indicated that brands will have to pay $8 per month in order to keep their blue checkmark.

It is possible that some brands will not pay once this is implemented. This could lead to other brands looking to take their place and register fake Twitter handles under their names. If the original brand handle loses its tick the replica takes it.

Twitter has implemented processes and checks to prevent this. It’s difficult to predict how Twitter will manage all these elements with such a small staff.

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Twitter’s CSAM Team for the Asia Pacific Region is down to just one

A more alarming report states that Twitter has reduced some parts of its business due to staff cuts. This includes the team responsible for detecting child sex abuse material in the Asia Pacific region. Wired reports that this team has been reduced to just one person who is responsible for the management of the entire APAC region.

Musk repeatedly stated that CSAM was priority #1.’ He has tasked a team to combat the problem, specifically through the removal of related hashtags. This has, according to Twitter, had some effect in slowing down the spread of CSAM material. Experts warn that such effects will only be temporary as perpetrators will move on to other tags. However, Musk seems serious about trying to tackle the problem in a more coherent way which could have a greater, more lasting impact.

A single staff member for a region home to approximately 60% of the world’s population is not enough.

Similar reports have been made about how, due to a reduced oversight at TwitterHQ, Chinese-controlled Twitter accounts were able to dominate certain searches and trends in the app and effectively end reports of ongoing protests.

Twitter is still working to re-establish its full staffing requirements. These are hopefully not indicative of ongoing problems at the app.

It is up to you, your brand, your perception of what’s going on at the app and whether this has any bearing on ad placement or association.

The app still has many opportunities to reach large audiences. Twitter reported record levels in engagement and sign-ups due to Musk’s renewed interest. With some big advertisers putting a halt to their campaigns, there may be more opportunities for advertising reach. However, it’s worth looking at what’s going on in the app and what it could mean for you.

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