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Tumblr being the competitor of WordPress offers enormous opportunities for online marketers to promote their business with a descriptive and detailed content sharing mediums like text, videos, gifs, images, links and more. It’s quite a unique combination that includes almost all types of ways to project a business idea with an innovative flair of presentation. The shareable factor makes it a very relevant platform for small businesses who seek to improve their reach within a short-span. Some other benefits are as under:

Perfect ally for descriptive representation It’s primarily a platform for putting out blogs for the audiences to improve your reach, but simultaneously with time it has been experimenting with other channels as well. But the major trait it offers is the explanatory nature of blogs, which can be shared multiple times on the network.

Accelerates networking Similar interests from different backgrounds works in order to circulate the trending stuff and enhances the reach of the content. Experts from various fields get to know about the existing conditions and this informative characteristic of Tumblr helps in managing a vast network of variety for all businesses small or big.

Improves reach as per the number of shares The more the number of shares, the better would be the reach. This simple theory is what Tumblr has adopted as it allows you to add up to your shared chain as you can keep a check on how many times a link or blog has been shared by the users. It’s a self-motivating attribute that an online marketer should exploit more often.

Offers variety of content for display Despite of being a blog posting network, Tumblr is one the few social platforms that haven’t stopped adopting new features like GIFs, video uploads, images, audio, links, etc. Due to the inclusion of multiplicity of mediums Tumblr has massively expanded its boundaries.




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