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Vkontakte is a social networking service based in Russia; it is available in different languages, but quite popular among Russian users. This network allows the user to post a message publicly as well as privately. A user can create group, pages, events and share posts, all the features are similar to Facebook. On Vkontakte, you can share and tag images, send audio or video files. As of now, Vkontakte is among the top 500 popular sites across the world. It is the most popular social network in the countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and of course in Russia. For those marketers, who are looking forward to establishing their market in those regions would require to specifically make themselves visible on Vkontakte. Hence, in order to provide assistance in marketing service, SocioMI has added Vkontakte services into the service palette. Promoters from all over the globe can make their presence count on Vkontakte by using SocioMI service like buying Vkontakte Followers and Post likes.


Vkontakte Friends/Followers are in demand among marketers with the increase in competition among online businesses. Even if you have so many activities going on the social networks, there is always a need to keep on exploring and experiment with new platforms coming in such as Vkontakte. In order to promote your message, especially when you have the scope to expand your audience base as a brand you must not miss out any opportunity. One of the top service providers, SocioMI offers you to increase Vkontakte Followers. The service plan starts with a minimum cost of 100 Kiwi followers @384 INR only. This is the lowest package you can avail if you want to get started Vkontakte services. The cost varies as per the number of followers you want to buy. The average delivery time of 2-3 days is attached to all the service packages. If you have to buy Vkontakte followers, there are other service packages available depending on the requirement of a client. In addition to it, as per the convenience of our clients, there are flexible payment options that allow you to pay by Debit/Credit card, net banking, direct bank transfer (Indian Users) and PayPal for foreign users.


With increasing competition and desire to stay at the top has pushed the promoters to add Vkontakte as another social promotional tool. Due to its restricted users as of now and low competition, the chances first come first serve are more and brighter. seems to be an emerging platform. SocioMI has initiated to include this service among others, it is offering service packages at a reasonable price for clients. To buy Vkontakte Post likes, you have service plans starting from the lowest price i.e. 100 likes @192 INR only. The price of the packages keeps on increasing as the number of likes also increase. Please note that these services are bound to be delivered within 1-2 days. The most relieving fact is that any of likes are not going to decrease with time, rather SocioMI makes sure they remain intact for a lifetime. Also, you have other convenient service packages to increase Vkontakte Post likes available at competitive rates in comparison to other service providers. To make the process smooth, SocioMI have all payment options that include debit/credit cards, direct bank transfer across the country, Net banking and PayPal.

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