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Everyone wants to make their name in the world of SEO. Building an audience on Google plus may be the smartest thing to do as a good content marketer when it comes to improved search rankings. First of all we need to understand that the core of Google is Search Engine and that’s what it does best, search.

The content you share on google plus has a larger probability of appearing in searches than the content shared on other social networking sites. So why not spend some using this network to build your network. If you are new then you might face difficulty in bringing in followers and plus ones for which socioMI helps you to get a kick-start.

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With a lot of talk about how successful Facebook and Twitter have become, one often ceases to think that there is another major player that is rarely spoken about. Google plus is often considered as an underdog for digital marketing but when it comes down to it, this is where the big boys come to play. Google plus is one social media platform that is devoid of a large amount of clutter from people who may not be your immediate prospect which is why as a principle most digital media marketers tend not to avoid this potential gold mine of opportunities. When we say that we give you real google plus followers and expand your circle we mean we help you network and provide you with high value individuals to your business such that you get the best out of the marketing efforts that you put in. When you promote your business in an elite environment, you get portrayed as one as well. This for obvious reasons could very well work in your favour. Major businesses usually rely exclusively on Google plus to get more engagement from the prospective customers they require for their business. This usually plays out very well for them because the eyeballs they receive are mostly from people who have the purchasing power to make a purchase and not from any random person from any random background. Losing out on this major social media platform could mean that you’re ignoring a major chunk of your audience. What might have seemed like a useless medium could have been you’re ticket to success!



As you might already know, google plus has a feature called plus one which is equivalent to a like or a retweet. It essentially says that you like a particular piece of content that has been posted. Plus ones can be instrumental in taking your content forward on Google plus. As with any other social media platform the visibility that you receive largely relies on the number of plus ones you receive. This is why we give your business that edge by providing your google plus posts with plus ones. With high levels of plus ones you receive exposure that would be more than anything you could achieve with traditional media. With the ever increasing demand for digital marketing Google plus is considered to be the up and coming social medium of choice for a lot of reasons, and as marketers and businessmen would already know, first mover advantage is of prime importance in any business’s success. Since Google Plus has a large number of professionals and organizations using it you have a much better chance of being visible to the people that matter with the added advantage of plus ones. Even though Facebook and Twitter have become an integral part of digital marketing, Google plus remains a favorite to many because of the opportunities and possibilities it carries within itself. The benefits of promotion through this medium is undeniable and if you want to stay ahead of the crowd be sure to have a strong profile with a lot of plus ones to back you up!


Google plus being an effective platform for businesses, principally for small start-ups defines its reach as per the number of shares of the post. It depends on various factors such as the reach, the target group and the circle of friends added. One can create and establish strong networking by adding direct and indirect connections by engaging with the responses received on shared posts.


A positive recommendation can become an undisputed mouth-publicity for any business. Reviews on Google plus can help in building a dominant public image, which might cater active users and audience from other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. It’s an influential tool to get the right target group while engaging others by convincing them with testimonials.

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