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At SocioMI you can great quality pinterest services such as pinterest followers, likes and repins. According to the survey, Pinterest can be a great way for businesses to connect with their audiences. Using attractive images promotes your brand while driving even more revenue than the social giant Facebook.

The services listed below come along with life-time warranty and are generated using unique advertising methods. Becoming popular on this network is a difficult task when compared to facebook and twitter so we enable you our services that will help your brand to get a right start in the online branding industry.

TIP : If you are uploading an image from your computer to your Pinterest board, make sure you set the URL to go back to your website so that every time someone clicks on your picture, it redirects them to your online store. You should also consider adding a URL in the description to double the chances of a click through to your online store.

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Pinterest likes can be categorized as a tool to know about the areas of interest of a user, it states the recent activities and change in preferences if any. Pinterest isn’t a widely used network though yet has shown a lot of potential among intellectuals and has a vast base of female users. It can become a tool to interact with similar interest group.


Pinterest is a computer generated Pin board which lets users to organize and share their pictures of products or even of a social gathering. It’s mainly used to upload pictures which mean it’s a great service for companies who want to constantly upload pictures of their products.

Now you what a Pinterest is. To simplify it further a pin is a tool to comprise all the pictures on the user’s board. On that board they can post whatever they wish to show their friends potential customers and offer them visually.

You should gain as many repins as possible which shows you are a person who’s talked about and your information is being shared across the network. This can do wonders for your image and boost the product value. Repins show that a particular number of people have shared your story on their board which is the ultimate gesture of their approval. Numerous repins on picture increases its authenticity. As the repins on the pictures or videos increase it also makes your product look popular and wanted. This turns in more foot fall which ensures more sales.

Every single repin leads to a snowball effect because the picture is linked to your website with a URL. This means massive exposure and targeted traffic. So hurry up and buy as many Pinterest repins as you can.

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